I accepted an invitation by Epicurious to participate in their #Cook90, but never dreamed I would barely get it off the ground. We very seldom eat out, and the only meal I don’t always cook is breakfast. I figured this would be a slam-dunk. Famous last thoughts! (#Cook 90 is designed to encourage everyone involved to prepare 90 meals during the month of January.)

We celebrated the New Year in a little less normal way than our usual traditions. Our oldest daughter decided she wanted to go to Atlanta to celebrate her birthday. We had a fantastic time.

One of the things we did while we were there, in addition to visiting with our son, was to go to Top Golf.

Now, let me first state that, besides our son, none of us are golfers. However, we had a blast, my cut wrist (which how it happened is still a mystery), notwithstanding. For those who have never been to Top Golf, picture a golfing practice range. Okay, now envision a restaurant that is several stories high and has all semi-enclosed outdoor seating. Now put those two images together with an area to tee off from, and you have an idea of what Top Golf is like. After some coaching and lessons from our son, we all became quite good at long range drives. I must admit, though, we weren’t nearly as good as most everyone on our level.

Consequently, right off the bat, I didn’t cook quite a few meals!

Author: RobbyeFaye

An avid reader, homemaker and grandmother. I try to be as real, honest and thought provoking as possible. My blog is primarily devoted to book reviews, but at times it has stretched and grown, as it ebbs and flows with me. However, I still read a lot and review the books I read. Loving life and Jesus Christ.

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